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The world’s first customer data platform designed by telcos for telcos.

Introducing Ikue – the game-changing customer data platform, designed specifically for the telecoms industry. The AI-powered solution stitches together all your valuable customer data, in one place, in real time, for the first time.

By providing a single, genuine view of the customer, Ikue enables telecoms marketers to target the right customer, at the right time, with the right message, to deliver truly personalised customer experiences and drive growth. Don’t let fragmented IT systems hold you back – discover what Ikue can do for your business today.

The next generation Customer Data Platform for telco operators

Our platform includes unique features such as self-learning Auto Mapper, an AI-powered Analytics Factory and proprietary Ikue ID algorithms. With the embedded Marketing Toolkit leveraging industry best practices and TM Forum certified connectors, Ikue’s CDP solution is the game changer for any telco operator seeking to optimize every decision and every customer interaction.

Our Value to Telecom Operators

Identify risk and opportunity in your base

Understanding where there is opportunity to upsell a customer onto a larger bundle, or where a customer is at risk of becoming inactive, is critical in managing base value. Ikue Intelligence provides both the insight and execution ready outputs so you remain focused on the most critical business issues.

Transform customer experience

71% of customers expect personalised experiences which telcos often struggle to deliver. The Ikue CDP helps you understand in the moment changes in customer state, meaning you can present carefully curated messages to your customers at just the right time.

Grow customer lifetime value

Adopting the marketing toolkit of end-to-end lifecycle management use cases will help accelerate your base management maturity and drive incremental value. Telcos that deliver best in class customer value management achieve greater conversion rates, less churn and bad debt, and grow customer lifetime value by as much as 35%.

CX Accelerators

Integrate seamlessly into any existing infrastructure and maximize the value of your customer data with Ikue’s advanced and telco specific capabilities

Ikue Customer State Model

The foundation layer of the Ikue CDP, the customer state model, maintains a real time view of each of your customers. Architected on TM Forum design, it ingests offline and event-based data from BSS platforms, CRM systems and digital channels, amongst others. That data is made available, via real time connectors, to decisioning, orchestration and campaign management platforms so that personalised customer experiences can be crafted and activated in marketing channels.

Ikue AutoMapper

A simple wizard user interface provides marketers with step-by-step guidance to connect a new data stream to the customer state model. A new data source can be added to the data model, using a pre-built connector, in a matter of minutes. The AutoMapper reads the incoming source data and uses machine learning to recommend the target trait to map to in the Ikue Customer State Model. What was previously an onerous engineering task is reduced to a few clicks, with the data ready to be used for marketing use cases in a matter of minutes.

Ikue ID

Any identity that can be resolved to an individual user - mobile number, email address, device ID, 1st party cookie and so on – is stitched to an Ikue ID. This identity graph is constructed using proprietary business rules and algorithms to create failsafe, deterministic joins between different identities. This identity graph can be exposed to 3rd party applications, such as web content management systems, to enable the identification of unauthenticated users and the presentation of target, personalised communications, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Ikue Analytics Factory

Ikue proprietary Intelligence transforms data into marketing-ready micro-segments using machine learning. Predictive models are auto-suggested and enabled in the platform based on activated use cases. For unsupported models, marketers can use the wizard UI to set the model objective, refine feature selection, and deploy into production. The platform optimizes over time based on customer behavior and performance.

Ikue Telco Marketing Toolkit

The unique Ikue Marketing Toolkit is specifically designed for telco marketers, providing access to over 50 industry-leading use cases that cover the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention. Activating a use case in the platform is a breeze: simply select the desired use case from the library, follow the easy on-screen instructions to confirm relevant data traits, enable event triggers and predictive models, and select micro-segments. The Toolkit also provides flexible audience output options, allowing scheduled outputs and/or real-time outputs triggered by changes in customer state.

Ikue Marketplace

New data sources and activation capabilities can be connected to the Ikue CDP in a matter of minutes using a pre-built connector from the Ikue Marketplace. It contains connectors to many technologies commonly used by telecom operators, including BSS applications, CRM tools and marketing activation capabilities. Ikue can connect to third party systems via Get/Push API, streaming services and one off and/or scheduled flat files.

Ikue is proud to be the only CDP to have received TM Forum certification.

Telco Marketing Toolkit

  • The toolkit is built on best practice base management, commercial activities and use cases.
  • Each use case includes a set of pre-configured micro segments for fast execution.
  • Micro segments update in real time, based on a change in customer state, and can be pushed to activation channels or released on a schedule.
  • The micro segment builder is used to build bespoke analytics when a use case is not available.

Data Security, Privacy & Protection

Data Privacy & Protection

Ensuring that your customer’s data is safe is our highest priority which is why data protection is at the core of our technology design and without compromise.

Our solution is tailored for telcos, solving the data privacy challenges that marketers face.

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Application Security

Security at all Layers.

Security is a core pillar of our solution and development processes. Secure design is reinforced by sound development practices, dedicated quality assurance and regular assessment by independent experts.

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Private Cloud SaaS Solution

Your customers’ data is 100% safe and secure.

To ensure operators comply with the requisite data residency and sovereignty regulations, Ikue offers dedicated and virtual private cloud models deployed in a permitted geographical location, as well as an option to deploy on our client’s own cloud infrastructure.

Ikue Marketplace: Extensive Integration Capabilities

Operators can chose from an extensive library of pre-configured connectors, accelerating integration and reducing costs.

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