Ikue To Showcase Its Customer Data Platform At Digital Transformation World For The First Time

15 September 2022 – Ikue , the innovative UK-based customer data and personalisation start-up, will unveil its breakthrough Customer Data Platform designed and built specifically for marketing teams at telecom operators for the first time globally at Digital Transformation World (DTW) in Copenhagen, Denmark, later this month. The company will also be participating in the […]

The Problem At The Heart Of Personalization

Privacy. Security. Justice. Equity. Accessibility. If you mentioned these words to pretty much anyone, they would probably all agree that they were important. But, ask them what they mean and, depending on whom you ask, you are likely to get several different answers…

Marketing in a Cookie-less World

The industry is going through another Y2K moment with Google’s announcement of phasing out third-party cookies by 2023. It has led to big questions, and uncertainty for marketers as third-party Cookie-Less are essential in online advertising. While Y2K ended up having little impact, ‘Cookiepocalypse’ will completely disrupt the fundamentals of the online ecosystem for marketers […]