Data Intelligence

AI Studio

The AI Studio enriches data from the Customer State Model using proprietary machine learning and AI, producing actionable insights deployable via the Ikue Marketing Toolkit.

AI-powered analytics, for telcos

Use predictions of future customer behaviour to inform advanced marketing decision processes and create audiences. The AI Studio enables an array of pre-built propensity models in the Marketing Toolkit based on numerous readily available use cases.


AI-Powered Insights

Let powerful automated ML Ops train, deploy, integrate and monitor models (or build a unique propensity score) in a few clicks


Control & Transparency for Marketing Users

View the status of your models, review performance data and re-train sub-optimal analytics from a single UI


No Code Model Builder

A wizard UI guides users through goal definition, feature selection, training, testing and deployment of new models

Prepared data ready for model build in minutes

A powerful, automated ML Ops framework labels and classifies data from the Ikue Customer State Model using fully integrated batch and real-time inference (predictions). In minutes, you can activate any of our pre-built Marketing Toolkit propensity models, which cover all the essential telco marketing use cases.


Full visibility-no black
box here

The ML in the Ikue AI Studio includes full traceability for every model deployed and every prediction made. You can examine every active Ikue machine learning model. Nothing is hidden, from model lifecycle, features and performance indicators to individual predictions and trends.

Built on intelligence

Data science experts with deep telco domain knowledge have built Ikue’s ML to produce highly performant models that power marketing programmes. This frees you from haggling for scarce internal data science resources so you can focus on delivering the most relevant, personalised experiences possible for your customers.


Relevant models, high-quality data & automated ML ops are just the start!

Ikue is the world’s first Customer Data Platform designed by telcos, for telcos. It’s built to empower telco marketers like you to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Get insight & execution-ready outputs in milliseconds

See the power of a self-optimising platform that transforms your data into marketing-ready micro-segments