Data Intelligence

Marketing Toolkit

Ikue’s Marketing Toolkit boasts a collection of more than 50 pre-built, industry-leading telco marketing use cases from acquisition to retention.

Activate best-practice campaigns
in a few clicks

We’ve simplified the activation process for telco marketers. Simply choose a use case from the library and follow the intuitive on-screen wizard to confirm data traits, enable event triggers, and deploy propensity models. Built-in machine learning monitors customer state changes and dynamically generates micro-segments that can be pushed to activation capabilities or released
on a schedule.


Built in Global Best Practice

Tap into decades of industry expertise with an embedded toolkit designed to tackle virtually any marketing challenge


Better Targeting & Timing

Send relevant and perfectly timed communications via scheduled or real-time outputs triggered by changes in customer state


Masterful Measurement

Track the performance of activated marketing use cases with fully customisable KPI dashboards

Ikue helps you put your
data into action

The embedded Marketing Toolkit saves significant time, fueling your marketing campaigns with data directly from the Ikue CDP. The user-friendly UI guides you through all the steps to enable event-based triggers, propensity models and micro-segments, ready for activation in your campaign management or marketing automation platform.

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Tap into prepared use cases or tailor your own

While you can choose over 50 proven best practice use cases from around the world, you also have the flexibility to tailor unique ones!

Select attributes to be used as event triggers, build your own propensity model using our intuitive UI and define granular micro-segments from any of more than 3,200 variables in the Ikue CAR.

Built on intelligence

We’ve built the marketing toolkit based on real-world insights gleaned from over half a century of telecom expertise. Our team comprises former IT and marketing leaders from major telecom operators.


Aggregate, consolidate, analyse & action your data with Ikue

Enjoy the power of the world’s first telco-specific Customer Data Platform full of the value accelerators you’ve always wanted!

Unlock the full potential of your customer data

See how Ikue helps you access and action diverse marketing-ready customer acquisition and base management use cases