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Close the customer experience gap and transform your marketing with real-time, hyper-personalised communications powered by Ikue’s telco-exclusive Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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Telco marketing managers face numerous challenges. Declining revenues due to fierce competition and intense regulation, suboptimal customer experiences and compliance with privacy laws are all obstacles on your path. The pressure to find new revenue streams and combat messaging fatigue adds another
layer of complexity.


Creating relevance

Creating engaging customer experiences is crucial to capture attention in an age of information overload. Smarter targeting using AI analytics and machine learning optimised micro-segmentation can enhance messaging relevance, revolutionise customer engagement and drive growth.

The right tools for
the right job

A CDP is a critical element of the modern marketer’s toolbox. It unifies fragmented data into a single view, enriches it with AI analytics, and provides easy access to your existing IT stack. Which makes it easier to deliver those engaging customer experiences.


Not all CDPs are
built the same

The Ikue CDP is built for telcos. Pre-built TM Forum certified connectors allow data to be ingested into an industry telco optimised data model. This data powers over 50 pre-configured, tried and tested telco marketing use cases, meaning the Ikue solution is ready to go.


“The frustration that marketers feel in knowing that they’re delivering sub-par CX is real. This is often due to critical data being unavailable or out of date. With Ikue we’ve tried to fix this, so the assumption should be that all data is available, and in real time, and if it’s not, that it’s fast and easy to connect new data sources to your campaign management systems.”

Simon Esland, Chief Marketing Officer

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