Data Intelligence

Ikue ID

Take identity resolution to new heights! Now, you can deliver a personalised omnichannel customer experience, even if the customer is not logged in.

Resolve the identity of non-logged in visitors in real-time

The Ikue ID puts the customer in Customer Data Platform, creating a deterministically resolved identify graph for each individual. By stitching together known identities such as mobile number, email address, 1st party cookie, and device ID, you get a single, true view of the customer for optimised messaging.


Deterministic Matching

IDs from any system are captured, resolved to a known user and stitched to your— private — identity graph in real-time


Cross-Device Identity

Users can be tracked across devices, ensuring a personalised, consistent customer experience regardless of the device used


Real Time Identity Service

3rd party applications, such as content management systems, can make an API call to the Ikue platform to resolve the identity of non-logged-in users

Timely, targeted messages for higher conversions

Personalised conversations are only possible when you know who you are talking to. The Ikue identity resolution solution is a high-performance graph database optimised for storing billions of relationships. It brings your data together so you’re speaking to the right person at the right time, every time.


Protection, privacy
and permissions

Keeping your customers’ data safe is our highest priority. The Ikue CDP, with its identity resolution capability, is compliant with all major privacy laws, including GDPR and PDPA. It integrates into existing permission capture platforms, ensuring that only customers who have given expressed permission have their data captured in the identity graph.

Intelligent and experienced

Our founders have over 50 years’ collective experience in the telecoms industry across technology, marketing and commercial domains. This know-how is crystallised into every value accelerator in the platform, catering to the telecom operator’s specific needs and requirements.


See what more Ikue can do for you!

Ikue is the world’s first Customer Data Platform designed by telcos, for telcos. Every aspect of the Ikue CDP is designed to put your data to work fast and optimally so you can enjoy higher ROI in no time.

Show your customers that you know them

See real-time deterministic identity resolution of non-authenticated web visitors in action