Built for Telcos by Telcos

Architected and engineered for telcos, Ikue is the first Customer Data Platform to obtain certification from the TM Forum global industry association.

Elegant design
Easy configuration

Ikue is not just another data platform; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to address your specific IT challenges. From seamless integration and robust security to real-time analytics and automation, Ikue empowers technology leaders to align their technical strategies with broader business objectives effectively.


Flexible integration
data deployed at scale

Ikue’s Robotic Data Automation feature allows marketing users to connect to any data source and easily deploy data pipelines. Combined with Ikue’s TM Forum certified APIs, which allow data to be ingested seamlessly into a telco optimised data model, your reliance on scarce data engineering teams will be a distant memory.

Accelerate cloud migration

Ikue's cloud-native SaaS solution, leverages a best-in-class microservices architecture to provide the agility, flexibility and scalability needed to handle massive data volumes and support diverse data formats. Adoption offers a quick ROI and eliminates the need for in-house development, making it the optimal choice for telecom IT managers.


Security and
privacy by design

Ensuring your customer’s data is safe is our highest priority which is why data protection is at the core of our technology design. Ikue incorporates all technical measures to protect data and security is a core pillar of our solution and development processes.


“As a former telecom technology leader, I understand the high level of demand that’s placed on the IT organisation by business users. That’s why we’ve invested in engineering the Ikue platform so that you can spin up a new data pipeline and complete source to target mapping in a matter of minutes.”

Bronwynne Stoddart, CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Experience design excellence

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