Data Intelligence

Privacy & Security

High levels of protection are built in by default to ensure your customers’ data is safe and secure. Always.

Security at all layers

Security is at the core of the solution and development processes. Secure design is reinforced by sound development practices, dedicated quality assurance and regular assessment and validation by independent 3rd party experts.


Tenant Isolation

Virtual private networks are used to isolate each tenant and its resources, with access control lists and security groups used to regulate access


Security from Threat

Application firewalls prevent network and application layer attacks by blocking cross-site scripting, SQL injection, bad bots and user agents


Role Separation

A least-privilege IAM strategy ensures that user roles are granted access to the minimum set of resources required

Ensuring the safety of your customers’ data is our highest priority

Protection of your customers’ data is built in by design including pseudonymisation of personally identifiable information (PII) and encryption of personal data. The principles of GDPR and other data protection regulatory frameworks including CCPA and PDPA are followed as standard.

Data protection at rest

Persisted data is encrypted and cannot be accessed without a valid encryption key which is securely stored in a vault. The data can only be decrypted by parties with authorised access to the key

Data protection In Flight

Data in transit between systems and services is encrypted with certificates. Integration with a Certificate Authority, automation of certificate renewals and the inclusion of certificates into application services are included as default

Data minimisation

The Ikue Customer State Model guides business users to ingest only data that’s needed. The data lineage feature highlights where data is, or isn’t, being used allowing users to identify data that needs to be deleted

Purpose limitation

The data dictionary provides full transparency into the purpose of data usage, allowing ease of audit and providing confidence that business users are compliant with all processes and legal obligations

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