Data Intelligence

Customer State Model

The Ikue Customer State Model tracks every customer’s clicks, consumed mobile data and dropped calls in an individualised, real-time 360° view.

Enhance customer experience with relevant, on-time messaging

Drive cross- and up-sell opportunities with perfectly timed messaging! In real-time, the Customer State Model captures granular level data across customer, product, account, and usage domains. It ingests high-volume offline and event-based data from BSS platforms, CRM systems, digital channels and other telco systems according to TM Forum specifications.


Activate Data at
Lightning Speed

Your data is auto-populated into 3,200 real-time traits to enable over 50 best-in-class, ready-to-use, telco-marketing use cases in Ikue’s Marketing Toolkit


Smarter, Accurate AI Models

Get the trust, legacy & scale to elevate your AI! Data from Ikue’s Customer State Model significantly boosts the performance of your AI algorithms


Avoid Risk &
Grow Opportunities

A real-time, complete customer view enables relevant, personalised communications bolstering CX, value growth, and efficiency of ad spend

Optimised marketing campaigns for increased customer engagement

Real-time customer segmentation, predictive analytics, and marketing campaign lists can be delivered in any format for any marketing use case at the click of a button. The advanced analytics and machine learning optimised data model lets you derive insights from customer data to optimise communication, engagement and conversion.

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On target, on time,
every time

Ikue’s Customer State Model has fundamental data integrity building blocks such as best practice cloud security principles, infrastructure scaling, backup, redundancy and recovery services. The relational data model enforces entity and relational integrity, while the data pipelines incorporate essential error handling and reprocessing. Never  miss another engagement opportunity.

Data made intelligent

Ikue helps you to understand your customers better by knowing what telcos need. We’ve developed the Ikue platform based on decades of data science and telecommunications expertise, delivering data architecture and advanced analytics capabilities that drive true personalisation.


Future-proof your customer lifetime value growth, intelligently

Every aspect of the Ikue Customer Data Platform is purpose-built for telcos to save time, maximise ARPU, and boost top-line results.

Meet customers where they’re at

Only Ikue depicts the true overall state of the customer at any point in time for unparalleled personalisation