Data Intelligence

Connector Marketplace

The Ikue Connector Marketplace contains a suite of TM Forum-certified connectors for seamless data collection and activation across complex telco ecosystems.

Integrate source and
destination streams fast

Ikue is the only customer data platform to be Open API certified and TM Forum compliant across Party, Usage, Product and other domains. These pre-built API connectors allow you to easily onboard data from core telco systems into the Customer State Model—slashing integration time from months to minutes.


Drive Down Costs

Quickly connect BSS applications, digital channels and marketing activation capabilities without system integrators


Complete Control

Control what data is ingested into the Ikue CDP and who can set up and change connector configurations


Built-In Flexibility

Enjoy total freedom with out-of-the-box bi-directional data connectors that integrate with source and destination systems in real-time (under 200 milliseconds)

TM Forum-certified connectors

TM Forum’s Open API program shares our vision to enable seamless connectivity, interoperability and portability across complex ecosystem services. The Ikue Connector Marketplace enables seamless integration into other external systems, using best-practice industry-specific APIs and integration assets based on TM Forum standards.

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A connector marketplace built on intelligence

You can trust Ikue for industry-recognised, in-demand standards and best practices. The engineering excellence built into the platform’s pre-built connectors is based on our development team’s decades-long telco domain expertise.

Connect, consolidate, analyse & activate with Ikue

Every aspect of the Ikue CDP is designed to put your data to work fast and optimally so you can enjoy higher ROI in no time.

Never miss a customer interaction

Collect, consolidate and activate your data in real-time