15 September 2022 – Ikue , the innovative UK-based customer data and personalisation start-up, will unveil its breakthrough Customer Data Platform designed and built specifically for marketing teams at telecom operators for the first time globally at Digital Transformation World (DTW) in Copenhagen, Denmark, later this month.

The company will also be participating in the Next20 start-up program at the event, which will give the company a unique opportunity to present its solution to a jury of experts.

The three-day conference, from 20-22 September, returns as a face-to-face event following a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. DTW brings together more than 100 sponsors and exhibitors, as well as over 150 communication services providers and 3,000 attendees from 90 countries.

Bronwynne Stoddart, CEO and Founder of Ikue, stated:“Digital Transformation World is the ideal vehicle for us to showcase our CDP solution for midsize telecom operators globally. This event brings together an innovative and interactive environment, which is ideal for us to launch our dedicated martech solution for telecom operators.

“Historically the consolidation of all data sources into a single location would have relied on the IT department to build bespoke solutions to move data from its original location into a marketing data mart to allow marketers to execute their programmes. This is notoriously slow and expensive, and also has a high failure rate. We solve this problem with our new Software as a Service platform that assembles all customer data in one place, in real time, for the first time,” explained Stoddart.

Ikue will be formally launching its new solution at the event, but it has been collaborating with the TM Forum, the global industry association for communications service providers and their suppliers, to gain cross-industry certifications. Ikue is the first to do so for its platform.

“The explosion of customer data and customer touchpoints has resulted in multiple data silos being used by the different martech applications across various marketing processes. These data sources contain different versions of the customer’s profile at different times, resulting in inconsistent messages across channels. Customers are confused by operators’ marketing offers. Ikue’s CDP will be used as the single version of the truth by all martech applications – simplifying the data landscape, reducing costs of data management, improving adherence to privacy, and ultimately complementing existing martech applications. This is why we chose DTW to unveil our ground breaking solution, which is built by telco experts for telcos who want to transform their customer communications,” concluded Stoddart.