Ikue’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) for Telecoms Takes Center Stage at DTW AsiaDigital Transformation World Asia 2023 was a massive success, bringing together the best and brightest in the telecoms industry to explore opportunities for growth and innovation. Among the key themes at the event were the need for data-driven automation, unlocking new revenues, services, and customers, and building the technological foundation for the future.

At the forefront of these discussions was Ikue, the UK-based technology company that is transforming the telecoms industry with its ground-breaking CDP solution. Ikue’s purpose-built CDP platform is informed by decades of first-hand experience in operationalizing marketing programs for large telcos globally. With a team of technology and marketing veterans, Ikue was able to have deep conversations around the challenges facing operators in the region and showcase its solution as a game-changing tool. Significantly, Ikue’s success at DTW Asia has been framed by telcos seeking to monetize their data both internally and externally.

“Our platform provides a foundation data layer that enables over 50 telecoms use cases powered by AI and data analytics, via our proprietary and embedded marketing toolkit,” says Bronwynne Stoddart, CEO of Ikue. “Our telco engineers have done a fantastic job in building the platform to be fully scalable, easy to use (without IT involvement) and install. We are excited about assisting operators in the region.

“As a panellist in a discussion hosted by Dr Tobias Endress, Director of “The StartUp Grind, “Innovating in collaboration with start-ups,” Bronwynne Stoddart showcased Ikue’s CDP as a thought leader in the data and AI. Stoddart has built and operationalized one of the world’s first on-premises customer platforms for a large African telecom operator, and her telecoms expertise has positioned Ikue at the forefront of customer data platforms.

Ikue’s has secured follow-up meetings with several operators, and the team is confident that its solution will enable quantum leaps in operationalizing both internal and external data monetization opportunities. We look forward to continuing our mission of improving CX and driving growth. Next up, Telecoms World Middle East. Visit us at Booth 50, 30-31 May, The Madinat, Jumeirah, Dubai.

For more information about Ikue (pronounced IQ) go to www.ikue.io or send us an email to info@ikue.io

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