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Ikue Customer Data Platform product brochure

Member of the Ikue team reading the Customer Data Platform product brochure on her mobile device.
Member of the Ikue team reading the Customer Data Platform product brochure on her mobile device.

Customers expect their interactions with their telecom provider to be personalised. They know you know a lot about them, and they get frustrated when you don’t use that knowledge to tailor their experience. 

A study from Kantar found that just 14% of telco customers were delighted by their last interaction with their provider. This suggests that most operators have not solved the personalisation puzzle yet.  

There are mitigating circumstances. Operators must contend with legacy technology and siloed data that makes it almost impossible to build a rich picture of the customer and curate joined up, personalised experiences.  

Even when this data is made available to business users, it’s often an aggregated, out of date view of what happened yesterday, meaning the in the moment opportunity for personalisation is missed.  

So, there’s much to do to keep pace with customer expectation.  

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